How to Plan a Pool Party For Your Child

The weather is warming up, so it’s time to think about planning a kids pool party. The kids will have been cooped up all winter, and be ready to play with their friends in the water. Take care of some basic details, and just watch the fun as the kids enjoy time in the water.

A theme and invitations. Having a party theme is not a mandatory item, but it can help build excitement for the kids. Think of something local if possible. While a luau would be fun, if you can tie the party to things that the kid know about, it will get them more excited about the theme. The invitations – just so they are bright and engaging the kids will get a kick out of them, and kids will really enjoy getting their own invitation in the mail. Your children will know who they want to invite, so it won’t take long to make up an invitation list. Call the parents to gather addresses, and in the process, diplomatically confirm that their child can swim. Here are some resources with more party planning ideas:

Pool Party Theme Ideas

Coolest Kid Pool Party Games

Children’s Swimming Pool Party Games

The food. It doesn’t have to be a complicated menu for a pool party.

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Ridiculously Easy Pizza Birthday Cake

My son recently celebrated his 5th birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted to eat for his birthday, he replied “PIZZA!”

So what kind of birthday cake did I make for him? A super easy Pizza Birthday Cake!

How did I do it?

First I whipped up a batch of vanilla cake batter. I no longer have any cake pans in my possession, so I used two cast iron pans. I placed them in the oven to heat up, then took them out and poured the batter in. The best part of using the cast iron pans? It produced cakes with a “deep dish look” for the pizza.

Next, I took a tub of icing and used red and brown food colouring paste to tint it a “pizza sauce” colour. Lots of trial and error but I finally managed to get it just right.

Then, I slathered the icing on top of one of the pizzas:


Next, I placed candies that resemble pepperoni (twisted red licorice),

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Spark Story Starters: DRAW!

My kids love to be creative.  They are crazy, on many occasions, with their creativity.  And, to be honest, sometimes they are just plain crazy. The other day was a sick day; I had them all home from school to try and contain the bug.  The kids were getting riled up and the energy was palpable. I went to my craft cabinet and pulled out a great project for a rainy (or sick or any old) day: Spark Your Imagination DRAW sheets.  They can be used for quiet time, family time, inside time and then made into paper airplanes, hats and boats!


One question, draw your answer. 2013-10-04 12.40.34

If you could have a tunnel from your house go to any part of the world, where would it lead?

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Tumbleweed Toys: Elf on the Shelf!

Tumbleweed Toys in Kamloops bring you Elf on the Shelf!

Last Christmas season I really enjoyed seeing the extremely creative shots of little elven creatures popping up in my friends’ Facebook feeds.  What a delight those little elven antics must have brought to the many little children whom they greeted!

Check some of them out…


elf 1


image (2)

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Mabel’s Labels

With the school/sports/dance/skating/gymnastics/karate/playdate season firmly entrenched, it starts….

By “it” I mean keeping track of all your child(ren)’s clothing.  Coats, boots, indoor shoes, mitts, toques, dance shoes, specific sportswear, you name it!  It all looks the same and it’s all roughly the same size.  It’s so NOT easy to do, right?  Or am I alone on this one?

Last year I had two kids in school and we lost two pairs of snowpants before I discovered Mabel’s Labels.

Now this regular pink jacket has my child’s name on it, in an easy to see, washable, dryable, does-not-come-off label!

image (1)

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