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A Perfect Un-Birth-Tea Party: Wild About Party Packs Review

I’m a detail girl.  I like all the little finishing touches, all the little extras.  It sometimes can cause added stress, I will admit it.  I like having things “just right”.  I’m sure that some of you are like that, too.  I like planning birthday parties for my kids and enjoy the little things that get put together.  However, I find that after the party is over I am simply exhausted.  A few weeks ago, I was given a sample party pack to review, from Wild About Party Packs and was very excited when I got it.  It was like a treasure chest – a treasure chest of little details!  The kids were climbing over my shoulders trying to peek inside, as though they knew there was something in it for them.  We don’t have any birthdays coming up in our family until June, so we decided to use a regular-any-old day and plan an Un-Birth-Tea Party!

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Family Time: Games

My husband and I really enjoy playing games together and with friends.  Board games.   Some of our favourites are Robo Rally, Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic, Bohnanza and Ticket to Ride.  They are a great way to spend an evening with friends, discussing life, kids and just having a good time together.  As the kids have grown up watching us play games, they have learned them, too.  We love games, and now, they do too.

We have an entire shelf devoted to games that we can play with our kids.  There are some that we love and play over and over, then others that I have been known to avoid playing (you know what I mean, right?). Labyrinth is one of the classics that I can play over and over and never tire of.  The box says 7 years and up, but my four-year-old understands the strategy and can figure out how to reach his next objective with only a few moves!  We’ve had the game since Christmas and I can’t believe the improvement that I have seen in his ability to watch what is happening on the board and decide what to do next.  Sometimes, he even shows me something that I am missing!  I love it when he says “M-om!  You just need to do this to get to the ______.  Here, let me help you.”

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A Bloomin’ Garden Party!

A Wild About Party Packs spring-time idea

By Candace of Wild About Party Packs

The sun is shining and the bulbs are blooming. Do you have a child ready for a birthday this Spring? Are you tired of planning the usual party with whatever is “in” at the moment?

Why not plan a green thumb birthday party to help welcome the warmer weather and help celebrate them being one year older.  This party idea can be a wonderful experience for the children: different from the current trend and letting them get a little (or a lot) dirty and have some hands-on fun exploring Mother Nature.

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The Gruffalo: Curled Up With A Good Book

Title: The Gruffalo

Author: Julia Donaldson, Alex Scheffler

Age group: I’ve read this one to lots of age-groups.  My intermediate (grades 4 – 7) students enjoyed The Gruffalo just as much (yes, yes they did) as the primary students that heard The Gruffalo.  My kids love the story and the illustrations.  In fact, my daughter sometimes will keep it in her place of honour… under her pillow.

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Putumayo Kids: What’s in your CD Player?

A couple years ago I was given a CD of children’s music for Christmas by one of my aunts.  This particular aunt has children of her own that are now older and all the hand-me-downs that I have received from her have been awesome.  The toys have been exactly what my kids would love to play with.  The used books have been of the highest quality.  I knew that this music was going to be good.  So, we popped it into the CD player and, within seconds of the first tune starting, we were a-boppin’.  That CD?  Putumayo Kids -Animal Playground.

The Wee Hairy Beasties and their hilarious lyrics in the song “Animal Crackers” had us hooked.  “I’ve got ants in my pants.  I’ve got butterflies.  I’m cryin’ crocodile tears, from my puppy dog eyes.”  I quoted that from memory-ha!  The next song… even better.  Asheba, from Trinidad singing “No More Monkeys”… I loved the beat, the lyrics and the kids were dancing up a storm.  Song after song, Animal Playground did not disappoint.  It was awesome.  We learned about animals, enjoyed animal-themed music and enjoyed listening music in other languages.  Animal Playground features music from all over the world by many different artists.  It is an awesome album of great music.  The very best part is… it’s not the only one!!

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