Time for Chapter Books & Bookmarks!

We now read chapter books with our kids, so I decided it was time to make our own bookmarks!

I have quite the stash of foam sheets to use up, along with foam stickers, so these are the materials that we used.

First, I had the kids each draw a rectangle measuring 4 cm by 18 cm. Next, we made a hole at the top of each one using a hole punch, so that we could thread leftover yarn or ribbon that we had lying around.


Finally, it was time to personalize our bookmarks and decorate

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Create a Lantern or Light Installation for Lumière Lantern Festival

Workshops begin Nov. 2, gearing up to Nov. 26 parade
The Kamloops Arts Council’s biannual Lumière Lantern 1401750_686273621391963_1686398949_oFestival returns this November, offering a magical experience for all. Build your own handmade lantern at one of our workshops, then join in the lantern parade on Nov. 26, winding up with special performances and the Downtown Kamloops Lights in the Night celebrations.
At a series of lantern-making workshops starting Nov. 2, participants are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. Past parades have included a nine-foot dragon, a canoe, a lit skirt, a light bulb suit and tons of wonderful globes. View photos from the 2013 event.

Create your very own lantern! We have 3 types of workshops:

Kamloops Makerspace Workshops (age 18+ )

For building light installations & sculptures.

An opportunity to talk about your lantern or light installation projects for this year. We will also go through basics of illumination using various

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Easy to Make Healthy Halloween Treats

As usual, the kids are going to get overloaded with treats this Halloween. So here is a selection of healthy Halloween treats that your kids will enjoy helping to create.

Jack O’Lantern Clementines

This one is an easy one.  Gather a bunch of clementines and draw Jack O’Lantern faces on each one. Great to throw into your child’s lunch kit for school!


Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch

Another easy one. Peel a bunch of clementines, then  add a piece of celery into the top of each one for a stem.

**The kids gobbled them as we were preparing them!


Ghostly Frozen Banana Treats

This one requires a little bit more time, but the kids will love them.

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Halloween Idea: Spooky Ghostly Balloons

Halloween is in 4 sleeps…and our family has YET to decorate the pumpkins on our doorstep. We’ll get to it, I’m sure.

However, we HAVE made spooky ghost balloons! They are the perfect decoration and take little time to prepare.

What You’ll Need

  • black marker
  • white balloon
  • green glowing bracelets



1. Activate a glowing bracelet (keep in mind the length of time that the bracelet will continue to glow…most are between 4-8 hours)

2. Inflate a balloon. Just before tying the balloon closed, insert the glowing bracelet.

3. Once inflated and tied off, draw a ghostly face on the balloon. The goofier and spookier, the better.

Finally, find a dark place to hang up the balloon, such as in the basement, in a hallway or hanging from a tree.

Set them up an hour or so before you expect Trick ‘or Treaters!

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Letters & Movement with the Alphabet Leaf Game

The leaves are changing and falling all around us. Time to celebrate Fall with this fun activity which incorporates movement with letter recognition!

Here is how I did it:

I took pieces of yellow and orange foam, then drew a maple leaf on them and cut them out. **The kids helped out with the cutting as both could use a little practice!**

Then, we wrote a letter on each leaf cutout.

Finally, armed with a basket, we took the leaves outside to play the game.

I dumped the basket of leaves on the grass in a pile and had the kids line up a short distance away.

Next, the kids lined up and one at a time, I called out a letter for each of  them to run up and go find in the pile. Once the child found the leaf with the correct letter, they had to run back to the start line and place in the basket.


To make it a little more challenging for my eldest, I would ask him to run up to the pile, spell out a specific 2 or 3 letter word, then return to the basket with the leaves he used.


Part of the fun is running back to the leaf collection basket!


The leaves are fun to make and serve a dual-purpose. We not only

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