A Late Winter Jaunt Around McArthur Island

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, so it’s time to get the youngsters out to explore the world around them. One of our favorite places to explore is McArthur Island, a 2.3-3.1 km loop that is stroller friendly with plenty of places to stop and play along the way.

I took my 4 year old earlier this week. Armed with her own pair of binoculars, we set out on our adventure at the McArthur Island Sports & Events Centre, walking in the counter-clockwise direction past the Xeriscape Garden.

McArthur Island is more than just baseball diamonds and soccer fields – this urban park has a well established trail system offering 360 degrees of views from anywhere in the park.


Were we successful in finding any birds or wildlife in general?

Absolutely! Not only was my daughter excited about stumbling

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Hiking with Kids: Isobel Lake

Today we feature a family friendly hike at Isobel Lake, located a short drive from Kamloops. 

Driving Time: ~20 km from Batchelor Heights on gravel roads.

Hiking Time: Plan for a 1-2 hours hike with the family.

Distance Travelled: The loop around Isobel Lake is approximately 5 km.


Stroller Friendly: Passable for strollers with larger tires

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Summer Hiking Series – Hiking With Kids in Kamloops

Have you ever wanted to get out on the trail with your kids but didn’t know where to go? Or maybe you wanted some company and encouragement? Hiking with a group can be one of the best distractions to minimize the “how much farther?” and the “I’m tired” comments.


This summer I am leading a series of hikes specifically oriented to

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Family Friendly Hiking Tips

Having kids is no reason to stop hiking. If you’d love to pass along your love of the outdoors (or foster a new family tradition) here are 5 quick tips to get you going.

  • Adjust your expectations – You might not finish the whole hike the first time and that’s ok. Typically a child can walk 1km for every year of their age but don’t expect a 5 year old who has never been on a hike to meet that expectation rather make it a long term goal for the season.
  • Stop LOTS – I remember a friend telling me once “I like hiking with you because you take lots of breaks for snacks.” It’s ok to stop for a bite to eat and smell the roses when you are hiking, in fact it’s encouraged! Hiking with your kids is about the journey NOT the destination.
  • Know where you are headed – Even kids are goal oriented. If there is a waterfall at the end of the trail that makes for excellent motivation to keep going. Maybe there is a huge boulder or other landmark that can give them bearing for “how much farther?”
  • Let your child bring a friend – The power of social influence and conformity should never be underestimated.
  • Be a good role model – As you are hiking talk about what you see. Ask questions for your child to ponder. Look for signs of wildlife, unique and familiar foliage.

If the hike/walk is going well, consider heading home a little early. Better to end early on a positive note then push on in the face of waning enthusiasm.

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Enjoying your time on the trail calls for the Boy Scout model of “Be

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Family Friendly Hiking: Valleyview Nature Park

Driving Time: 10min10171001_10152305655986276_152855584_n (2)
Hiking Time: 1-2hrs
Distance Travelled: 1-3km
Stroller Friendly: no
Difficulty: easy-moderate

Here’s a little hike that’s great for preschoolers or beginners that won’t take you more than an hour…..

How do you get there?

The top of Valleyview Nature Park is a gem located off the side of the Kamloops Bike Ranch in Juniper. You can either park at the bike ranch or in the parking lot for the community playground and lacrosse boxes. Either way the start of this little walk is just behind the lacrosse box closest to the soccer field.

Are there any difficult spots?

Several parts of this trail are quite narrow and the connection to

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