Shows & Activities at the BIG Little Science Centre – October 2015

The BIG Little Science Centre is open year round:BLSC

Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

655 Holt Street, in Happyvale School

Contact Susan Hammond, Assistant Operator, for more information:

Standard entry fees apply for the following, unless otherwise stated.

Saturday, October 3: Pond Animals ENLARGED  11am to 3:30pm

Use microscopes and hand lenses to ENLARGE invertebrates from a

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Kitchen Science: Just Go With the Flow

Here’s a little science demonstration from Exploratorium that will allow your kids to see the different flow patterns in water. 


A clear plastic bottle (we used a quart Mason jar, but it was a bit heavy/awkward for the kids to spin)
Liquid hand soap (one that contains glycol stearate)
Food colouring
Cap & tape


1. Fill the bottle/jar 1/4 full with the liquid hand soap.

2. SLOWLY add water (a small stream/trickle!) and fill to the top.

If you get foam from adding the water, just continue adding water until the foam spills over the top. 

3. Place the cap on and dry the outside of the bottle/jar. Add the tape around the cap to prevent any leaks.


4. Ask your child to slowly roll the bottle. Get them to describe the

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Kitchen Science: Will it Sink or Float?

I like doing really simple science activities with the kids to sharpen their observation skills.

Earlier this week, we did the infamous “Will it Sink or Float” experiment. My intention wasn’t for them to necessarily gain an understanding of why or how an object floats, but rather for them to have fun while testing their predictions.

Before we began, I asked the kids to tell me what they thought “sinking” or “floating” meant. My eldest correctly answered with, “if it sinks it means it goes under the water and if floats it stays on top of the water!”

Next, I asked my 5 year old what he thought would float in the water. He responded with, “hmmm, fish, dolphins, whales, boats, bottles, cans and duckys!”

I then asked my 4 year old what she thought would float in the water. She replied (while pointing at her older brother) “same as him and also Thomas”.  I’m fairly certain she was referring to a Thomas, the tank engine bath toy that we own!

Here’s how we did the experiment:

1. I asked them to gather objects to test whether they would sink or float. They brought me ponies, plastic cupcakes, a Lego man and a toy dolphin. I added the metal spoon, a plastic spoon, a rubber ring and a ball made of aluminum foil.


2. I asked the kids to separate the objects based on whether they

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Balloon Fizz Fun

Introduce your child to chemical reactions and inflate a balloon at the same time with this fun science experiment.

Items Required:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Vinegar
  • Funnel
  • Balloon
  • Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Vinegar (acetic acid)



After stretching the balloon a couple of times, place the funnel in the

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Easy Homemade Fingerpaint Recipe

The kids and I had fun last week playing with colours and textures while fingerpainting!

It’s a great rainy day activity that takes little time to prepare and results in great masterpieces that take on a shimmering texture once dried.


First, I mixed 1/3 cup EACH of water, flour and salt and stirred to

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