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Never Better Play Dough: Kidz In The Kitchen

This top secret recipe comes from Ms. Marlene, at Bumblebees Family Centre.  If you have a pre-schooler, you really do need to check out the program at Bumblebees.  It’s awesome.  There are also two other fabulous Strong Start programs in town!!

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Kids Can Clean: Norwex

I love teaching my kids the bit-by-bit lessons about how to look after themselves, their relationships, their things and their space.  Cleaning, however, is a big lesson.  We have taught our kids to clean up after themselves, after meals and such.  Most of the time they need reminding in order to do so, but there are moments of brilliance.  For example, at a recent birthday party my 2.5 year-old daughter was putting away her borrowed costume item and I caught her picking up every single costume that was on the ground and putting them in the bin, too.  Sweet!!  I feel like, maybe, all my nagging has paid off!

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