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11 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey there, love all the information I get from your page! I was just wondering if you know when we can register for a table for the spring family market? Or if there will be one this year?

  2. Hi there,
    My name is Erica and I am an event planner for St.Andrew’s on the square. Our goal this year is to put on more community family event and give back to our community.

    We have a few events happening in the next couple months and I am wondering how I go about putting it on you events calendar?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hi Kamloops Parent,

    was wondering if you could help Kamloops Fusion Rotaract out in announcing their Annual CAMP FOCUS May 23-25. Camp Focus is a leadership, teamwork, and life skills driven camp that Rotaract offers once every year for students ages 13 (mature) to 18.

    We spend a weekend (May 23 -25) at Camp Grafton working on those skills along with other fun activities. This camp is lead by volunteers and staff and the camp itself is donated to us for just this purpose. The $20 commitment fee gets donated back into the program and used for the camp itself. (fee can be waived in circumstances)

    Volunteers are composed of young professionals (such as myself) in fields such as finance, education, business, medical, trades, transportation, etc, and university students alike. We’ve been providing these camps for youth since 2009.

    Please return this completed Application Form to Goldies Flavours of India and we will reserve a spot for you.

    You can also find us on Facebook in the Event’s section.

    please and thank you kindly
    Kamloops Fusion Rotaract

  4. Hi I was hoping to get our Back to School Vendor Show added to your calender.
    It is at the sahali center mall (the old sportcheck location)
    August 29, 2015 10am-4pm
    Its free to get in, 25+ vendors, and giveaways to enjoy 🙂

  5. Hi,

    How can I add myself to your list of Doulas? I am one of the ones who works on a sliding scale, so I just want my name to be there for moms who think that because of cost, that a doula would be unobtainable. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Jodi!

    Weekend of leisure and leadership in beautiful Shuswap.

    As you may already know we hold an annual camp for kids 13 to 18 years of age. It’s a camp for kids to learn a little bit of leadership, teamwork, life skills, and have a bunch of fun doing it. We hold it at Camp Grafton, which is donated to us by the United Church. The camp is lead by young professionals in the community that already lead in various community events and projects. Volunteers are composed of individuals from various professions of engineering, teaching, business, transportation, and health care. More info on our website –

    Camp Focus is a weekend camp that runs from May 27th to May 29th. We arrange transportation from our meeting spot (Nandi’s) in Kamloops to Camp Grafton, which is located in Magna Bay on the Shuswap. Food and cabin bunks are included. There’s running water, but no showers and bunks are kind of hard, but who wants to spend their time sleeping anyways. We have funding – we just need kids to attend.

    I would love to have this event featured on your website for all parents to check out. I would love to talk more about this opportunity. This year we are ready to receiving more than 40 applicants.

    To apply – have your kid fill out the form and drop off at Nandi’s Flavours of India on Columbia Street at their new location or do it online! Any questions I can be reached at here or on my cell.

    Thanks your time and your support! Talk soon.

    President, Kamloops Rotaract

  7. Afternoon Jodi

    I was hoping you could post our Community Fair coming up on Sunday May 29th. 2016.

    Here are the details:
    From 11:00am – 2:00pm bring the family, pack a picnic lunch, your lawn chairs & blankets and settle in for an afternoon of entertainment and fun. The Community Fair features Uncle Chris the Clown, Pirate ship slide, sweet shop, games and much more!

    If you would like the poster to use, let me know and I can email it to you.

    Much appreciated

    Kind regards

  8. Hi. We are two seniors that are being displaced from our home from November 21/17 until the end of January 20018. We are having to stay in a motel for two months until our move to the coast can be completed, and we would like to know if Christmas Amalgamated helps out seniors with Christmas Hampers, or is this charity only for families with children. Our financial resources are being rapidly depleted. We have never had to ask for help in our lives, but at this time we need to swallow a lot of pride to even make this enquiry.

    With best regards
    Heather & Will

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