There are a number of avenues you can take, while looking for child care in Kamloops. If you run a child care facility and would like to promote your care on this site, please contact for package information.

 Kids & Company – Kamloops kidco-125 2

702-1801 Princeton Kamloops Highway

Kamloops, BC V2E 2J7

Telephone: 778-471-3200

Cell Phone: 250-572-0280

Visit us at : 

Kamloops CCRR – Childcare Resource & Referral

John Tod Centre at 150 Wood St                                                                         250.376.4771

The Interactive Play and Learn Drop-In Centre is a place where children, parents, grandparents, and caregivers can interact with each other in a safe, developmentally appropriate, educational play environment.  Come learn to play while your child plays to learn!”

If you contact the CCRR you can get the latest information about child care locations in Kamloops that have spaces available, as well as additional information about the child care providers and their contacts.

Make Children Firstthis is an excellent website and resource for your childcare search. Their search feature will give you a list of many of the licensed care providers in our city.

Last updated February 25, 2015

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