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 Conventional Medecine | Complementary & Alternative Medecine

Childrens Therapy & Family Resource Center
“Services for Children With Special Needs”

801 McGill Rd 371-4100

St John Ambulance

627 Victoria St – 372-3853

Kamloops Public Health Unit 

(audiology clinic, breastfeeding clinic and immunizations)

519 Columbia Street


Valley First Aid Training

203 – 1121 12th St. – 250-376-9959

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  1. Kamloops Healthy Weights for Children: Shapedown BC is now accepting physician referrals. This program is for families of children/teens ages 6-17 with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than the 97%ile or other health issues, who struggle with their weight, and are ready to work on implementing a healthier lifestyle. Our team includes a Registered Dietitian, a Registered Social Worker, an Exercise Specialist, and a Pediatrician who will assess and support your family around weight management.
    Please call our team at 250-851-7558 for more information, or visit your family doctor to have a referral from our website submitted.

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