Putumayo Kids: What’s in your CD Player?

A couple years ago I was given a CD of children’s music for Christmas by one of my aunts.  This particular aunt has children of her own that are now older and all the hand-me-downs that I have received from her have been awesome.  The toys have been exactly what my kids would love to play with.  The used books have been of the highest quality.  I knew that this music was going to be good.  So, we popped it into the CD player and, within seconds of the first tune starting, we were a-boppin’.  That CD?  Putumayo Kids -Animal Playground.

The Wee Hairy Beasties and their hilarious lyrics in the song “Animal Crackers” had us hooked.  “I’ve got ants in my pants.  I’ve got butterflies.  I’m cryin’ crocodile tears, from my puppy dog eyes.”  I quoted that from memory-ha!  The next song… even better.  Asheba, from Trinidad singing “No More Monkeys”… I loved the beat, the lyrics and the kids were dancing up a storm.  Song after song, Animal Playground did not disappoint.  It was awesome.  We learned about animals, enjoyed animal-themed music and enjoyed listening music in other languages.  Animal Playground features music from all over the world by many different artists.  It is an awesome album of great music.  The very best part is… it’s not the only one!!

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Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break is just around the corner, March 8th to 12th, and, you may be looking for things to do with your kids.  There are a variety of Spring Break Programs being offered but they might not meet everyone’s needs.  Here are some funny and fun activities that you might choose to do with your kids during Spring Break.  The weather looks to be all over the place, from snow and sun to rain, so you can look forward to some outside time and inside time, as well.

Here are a number of different “assignments” that you can share with your children in order to make your break a wonderful time for your family.

Library –Pick a theme (such as Spring) and each member of your family locate a book that they are interested to read, on the theme.  Spend some time reading together and share what you have read.

Kitchen — Go through a cookbook from home, or search online, and find something new that you would like to try and cook, together.  Note that it can be even more fun (though also more expensive) if you have to pick up specific ingredients from the grocery store.  You never know, you could find a new family favourite.

Together — Challenge each family member to do something nice for another member of the family, without being detected.

Community — Offer to help a neighbour with their Spring yardwork.

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Kidz In The Kitchen: Popsicookies

My kids and I love to bake together.  We all enjoy seeing how things mix together to make something new and yummy and-well, let’s face it- licking the beaters and the spatulas are a really important job!  My kids measure and pour and mix and watch and taste.  There are so many lessons to be learned in the kitchen!  It’s a great “classroom” for teenagers, school-aged kids, preschoolers, toddlers and babies, alike.  The hardest part about letting my kids help me in the kitchen is that the messes are sure to be three times more and the spills reach even farther.  But, it’s all worth it in the end.  My kids learn how important they are to me, that they can help get meals ready for us and they learn the skills that I want them to have as young people.  And, hey… then they can also learn the valuable lesson of cleaning up!

Some of our favourite (well, most of them actually) cooking times are when we make cookies.  We love baking cookies and all kinds of them.  Often, I will double the batch and then ball them and freeze them ready-to-go.  That way, if I need cookies for something, I already have a bag in the freezer that I just need to bake and… voila!  Fresh cookies!

We like to add a little variety to our baking regime, too.  The kids love to help get creative – whether it’s adding in new ingredients, new flavours of chocolate chips or simply… popsicle sticks!

A cookie on a stick, or a popsicookie (as we call them).  Why not?  It makes it just that much more fun and how yummy and pretty could you make it with a little icing to decorate?!

Here is the recipe for the delicious treats that you see here.

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Tuesday Tutorial: Chore Chart

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesdays with KamloopsParents.Com

On Tuesdays you will be able to try out some fun hands-on crafty activity with your kids.  March’s activities will be created by Dawnica Flatt, a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Early Childhood Educator and Mom of one little guy.  If you have any questions, you can leave them as comments on this post, or contact Dawnica at dabsanddots@gmail.com


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A Fresh New Look for KamloopsParents.Com

Well, just like that it is March 1st.  I can’t believe that it crept up so quickly!  I’m thrilled to bring you something great, at KamloopsParents.Com.  This site is your online resource and directory so check it out and let me know what you think and what you would like to see, here at KamloopsParents.Com.  I’ll do my best to make it happen.  Do you want to get involved?  Do you have something to say?  Please, take  a minute and let me know.

The new logo for KamloopsParents, designed by Signet Studio.

” A strong earthy, deep-rooted loving red to represent the parents, and a fresh, soft new-born green to represent the young children (the subtle sage green of Kamloops hills). The red leaves of the logo are the parents: a couple, a mother (pregnant as shown by the “bump” on the leaf) and a single parent. The children are between them and together the entire Kamloops “family” is centred/grounded by one focal point—family living and unity. As a team they present an exuberant yet simple flower… which speaks to a harmonious life and what true beauty really is all about— our relationships with each other. The logo also evokes a sense of movement… the action and activity of a family in motion, “doing” things together.”

Some things to look forward to with KamloopsParents.Com:

– five days of great posts for your family (Monday to Friday) featuring:

-tutorials of great kid-friendly activities and crafts with “Crafting With Kids

-great and delicious kid-friendly recipes with “Kidz in the Kitchen

reviews of fantastic family-friendly local businesses and giveaways

-spotlights on “One Parent’s Perspective” featuring parents in the community.  This could be you!!

-great parenting resources

-reviews of wonderful reading material in “Curled Up With a Good Book


-occasional surveys to support Kamloops’ family-friendly businesses.  There are two currently in the far right sidebar!

-sign up for the monthly e-newsletter “In The ‘Loop In The ‘Loops!” to keep informed on what’s going on in Kamloops and great local events

-watch the event calendar for family-friendly activities in and around Kamloops.  If you are planning a great family event or know of something that is going on.  Let us know and we will spread the word!

-watch for monthly events organized by KamloopsParents.Com!  This month’s event will be a Free Astronomy Night at TRU, watch your newsletter and the site for more information!

-listen to B100 at ~8:30am on the first and third Thursday of the month to hear what’s going on, too!

Above all, get out there and get active with your family!