Sunshine… go find it!: Crafting With Kids

Also, you could say this suggestion is for avoiding the mess!

I got home from work.  I was exhausted.  The sun was shining, teasing me that inside just wasn’t going to cut it, this afternoon… we had to get outside!  The kids and I played in the shaded backyard for a bit then got cold and decided to head inside and change the scenery.  As I walked past a stack of paper, it hit me… why mess the kitchen up?  Why not really change the scenery?

So, we took our paint and paper outside and painted on the sidewalk.  And, yes, there is definitely some paint actually on the sidewalk.  I figured it will clean off, eventually.

Until it’s too cold… I plan to spice up our craft times and get outside as much as I can.  Beside, leaves and concrete add a nice element to your child’s creation!  We did some leaf rubbing and some concrete rubbings.  We poked holes in the paper and painted on sticks… It was lots of fun and we soaked up the last rays of the day’s Vitamin D.

*** Don’t forget – have yougot toilet paper rolls??  Get crafting!  You only have two days left to get me your child’s toilet paper roll creations!!  E-mail pictures to