Words to Use with Your Kids Every Day:

My Mom recently passed on this cool website: FamilyEducation.Com.  It looks great and has shown me some great resources for use as a parent.  With Love Languages on my mind (and “words” being one of them), this post really stood out to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Often, we narrate things from our day-to-day with our kids.  We talk about what we are seeing and what we are doing. Words are important because they teach us so many things!  They can also be used to” instill confidence, self-respect, and thoughtfulness in your children.”

Here are the first half of ten words that FamilyEducation.Com recommends you use every day with your kids!

  1. Thank you. It’s important to acknowledge your child’s efforts to help you or others. You might say: “Thanks for helping me look for that missing sock” or “Thanks for setting the table; I got the salad made while you were doing that.”
  2. Tell me more. Words like these show your child that you are listening and that you would like to hear more about what’s on her mind. “Tell me more” encourages conversation without passing judgment or giving immediate advice – two responses that discourage further communication from your child.
  3. You can do it. Your expression of confidence in your child’s ability to do many things without your help is important. As your child grows older, there will be many times when your encouragement will mean the difference between his giving up on a challenging task or seeing it through.
  4. How can I help? Let your child know you are willing and available to help her accomplish a particular task that may be difficult for her to manage on her own. You might say: “I think you can read that story by yourself now. Let me know if you need help with a new word.” As your child takes on projects in school, encourage her to think of specific steps that are necessary to complete a project. You both can decide which tasks your child can handle on her own and which ones she’ll need help with.
  5. Let’s all pitch in. A child is never too young to learn that cooperation and team effort make many jobs easier and speedier – and often more fun: “Let’s all pitch in and finish raking the leaves so we can go in and bake cookies,” or “Let’s all pitch in and clean up the kitchen or we’ll miss the movie.” Family activities and group chores can develop into pleasant rituals that enrich a child’s life and create fond memories.

    To finish off the list, go over to FamilyEducation.Com

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