A Piñata Tradition: Birthday Party Guide

Tamara, founding Mom behind Spark Your Imagination, shares…
Every year since our boys turned two, my husband and I have made a piñata in celebration of their birthday. We invite them to choose a character or theme and get started on building it about a week in advance of their party. We let them help with the papier maché part and then surprise them at the end with the finishing touches.
Kids line up at their birthday parties to each take their three smacks. We have used light sabres, sticks and hockey sticks as ‘smackers’. Typically my husband suspends the pinata in the air by holding it, that way he can move it around to make it harder for the big kids. We have also suspended it from a tree. (One word of caution is to have a line behind which all kids not wielding a ‘smacker’ must stand.)
What do we fill the piñata with? It changes from year to year, but anything you might put into a loot bag. There is usually a bit of candy and anything from Christmas cookie cutters (for the November birthday) to small magnifying glasses (June birthday). The trick is this – get the kids to run and grab the loot and pile it into a big bowl.  Then an adult divides it equally into the take-home loot bag. We learned from trial and error not to do the ‘grab and keep’ approach!

Events by Kate

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Marshmallow Candy Necklaces:
Crafting With Kids

I saw a photo of a marshmallow necklace that someone had created and decided that my kids would love it so much, that I totally had to try my own!

So, we picked up some licorice laces and some marshmallows and pulled out our sprinkles.

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Crafting With Kids

Chocolate Play Dough: Kidz In The Kitchen

Play dough is awesome, don’t you think?  You can let the kids messy and then if you leave it on the table and the floor for long enough, it’s a super easy sweep to clean it, too!!  Just kidding.  But yes, playdough is awesome.

Sometimes we look for something a little different for our play dough routine.  Those moments call for a little google and then a little experimenting.  I’ve wanted to try chocolate play dough for a long time.  This weekend, we gave it a whirl.  Whirl is right!  After tasting and playing, my head was spinning.  So, WATCH OUT, this play dough is suuuper sweet!!


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