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How to Plan a Pool Party For Your Child

The weather is warming up, so it’s time to think about planning a kids pool party. The kids will have been cooped up all winter, and be ready to play with their friends in the water. Take care of some basic details, and just watch the fun as the kids enjoy time in the water.

A theme and invitations. Having a party theme is not a mandatory item, but it can help build excitement for the kids. Think of something local if possible. While a luau would be fun, if you can tie the party to things that the kid know about, it will get them more excited about the theme. The invitations – just so they are bright and engaging the kids will get a kick out of them, and kids will really enjoy getting their own invitation in the mail. Your children will know who they want to invite, so it won’t take long to make up an invitation list. Call the parents to gather addresses, and in the process, diplomatically confirm that their child can swim. Here are some resources with more party planning ideas:

Pool Party Theme Ideas

Coolest Kid Pool Party Games

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Angry Birds Inspiration: Craft and Birthday Party Ideas

If your kids are hooked on Angry Birds and you have found that inspiration for your little one’s birthday party, there are so many fun ideas out there!  These ideas are great for a birthday party or even just playing around and keeping your kids entertained!

Here are birthday party ideas from a fantastically-creative local Mom, Sharleen…

“I am not sure who was more excited about the angry birds party theme; my husband or my children! I scoured the internet for ideas and went to work with the kids. Painting cans, bocci balls and a home made pinata, while my husband spray painted boxes to look like wooden blocks and made the coolest giant sling shot ever.  We had this party flying!
The kids took turns trying to knock the pinata off of the box tower, also hitting the green pigs out of the tower.  The pigs were large, green balls, painted with pig faces.  After we knocked down the towers and ate the candy from the pinata, the husband/children kicked the fun up a notch and added water balloons to the sling shot, launching them all over the yard until all the kids and adults were screaming with laughter!
Party food was pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, sunflower seeds as bird food, gummy worms and so much more. Exhausted and partied out; the kids were sent home with goody bags that were individually colored with their favorite angry bird character. I could add so much more but I will leave the rest up to your imagination.”

Angry Birds Goodie Bags







Much more….
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Water Marbled Nails!: Crafting With Kids


My daughter had seen this video on Pinterest with my Mom and wanted to give it a try.  It’s so cool!!

The only thing is that you can’t use cheap nail polish as it doesn’t work.

Here is the basic explanation of how to get really cool water-marbled nails.  You can watch the video (linked above) to get a more thorough explanation.
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Tea for Two… Dozen: Birthday Party Guide

Anatasia, party-planner extraordinaire, shares…

Well, sixteen actually. My daughter listed off fourteen girls and two boys that just had to be at her party to celebrate her fifth birthday. She wanted a garden tea party which immediately brought a local party venue to mind, but upon pricing such a party for this many guests, I soon realized that I was going to have to come up with my own ideas to keep it affordable. Initially, I was concerned the large number attending would make it impossible to be quaint, but with a few ideas of my own, a web search or two, and more than one look at Pinterest, the ideas started rolling and my daughter’s dream party came together quite easily.

I got invitation inspiration when sifting through my Cricut cartridge books and found a teapot shape. For each invitation, I cut out two teapots (a cinch with a cutting machine). Before gluing them together, I cut a lid from the front pot and attached the details on a piece of cardstock.  The two pots were then fastened together like an envelope leaving a slot for the lid to fit back on the pot. Guests would then lift their teapot lids for a little poem sharing the party details and a request to wear their “favourite fancy dress.”

I knew that my three teacups were a long shot from the sixteen cups and saucers we needed, so my first task was to borrow as many as I could and thrift shop for the rest. This was definitely the most time consuming aspect of preparing for this party, but it was also the most fun. My daughter and I visited nearly every second hand shop in Kamloops, but discovered all of the best finds in church thrift stores…what treasures church basements hold! It really didn’t take more than one or two locations to gather what we needed, but, owing to my recent fascination with repurposing, I spent far more time and came home with a lot more than necessary. The total cost of the items in this photo? (excluding the metal teapot) $12. Yes, $12 total.

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Party on the (Blackwell Dairy) Farm:
Birthday Party Guide

My son turned seven last week.    Seven!

It’s okay; I can’t believe it either.

We wanted something a little different for his birthday and I am currently existing in a space of “no time” so we needed something simple.  I spoke with Laura at Blackwell Dairy and she agreed to do a tour for my son and his friends.  They were scheduled to tour the barn, meet some calves, get a wagon tour, have a chocolate milk and then we were allowed to use their green space for picnic and playing.  Perfect!

We met there in the morning, set up our picnic and then headed off on the tour.

First we met the cows and learned about them and the farm.

Then, we saw the (totally! incredible!) milking robots.
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Birthday Party Guide