Tissue Paper Christmas Ornaments

Tissue paper…something that is used in abundance this time of year!  I use tissue paper to add color to my gift bags, to wrap gifts in, to line goodie boxes with for the neighbors and now for making ornaments!  When my daughter was four, she is now six; she created this incredible little craft while we were actually making other ornaments for her preschool teachers.  I have since created more ornaments as this but this year brought the idea back out for my kiddos and created a string of ornaments to hang from our windows for a new design.  This is a very easy for craft for any age, it especially helps with dexterity for the younger age group, to do and allows for lots of creativity.

This year, my daughter made bright ornaments with tissue paper while I decided to stay traditional and made green and red ones for a different effect.  I used some of these ornaments for decoration at our Sparks Holly Tea event this year and they became more popular than our actual crafts, which were very creative themselves!  These are very festive to make for teachers, friends, family, your own tree or to add to the top of a gift.


  • Ornament Balls (available at craft stores – glass or plastic)
  • Tissue Paper (available at the dollar store – sometimes found in a pack of colors already cut into small square pieces)
  • Ribbon if you’d like to hang the ornaments

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CD Ornament Craft

CD Ornament

First the record was over ran by the 8-track, then the 8-track was taken over by the tape and then CD’s were born and tapes were obsolete…now we don’t even use CD’s we just use our phones, IPADs and IPODS for our musical pleasure.  So, for those of you who are so technologically advanced what have you done with all those old CD’s?  Are they collecting dust in some attic, used as Frisbees for the kids or coasters for when you have all those unexpected guests?   Well, if you are like us you have a whole drawer full, whether they are the old musical kind or ones we used to download information onto from the computer, but really who even does that anymore?!?! 

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