A Couple of Ways to Re-Use Those Christmas Cards: Crafting With Kids

Do you have a box of old Christmas Cards stashed somewhere and wondering what to finally do with them?

Here are a couple of ideas to get crafting with the kids. All you need are scissors, glue, ribbons and jars. Also, a little extra glitter never hurts.


Gift Tags

This is an easy one.

Sort your cards and find out which ones are best suited for gift tags.

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Dough Art Creations

Each year I have my kids make something, usually an ornament, for family members, their friends and teachers for Christmas.  This year we decided to make dough art creations and they had so much fun!  They have really enjoyed sharing each one with their friends and explaining how the ingredients we used are ones we could eat…of course until we added the paint.  That ended the excitement of taking a bite out of Santa!


These little creations are very simple to make and can help create a great family tradition and memory!  A really great bonus to this craft if everything it takes to make are things most people have at home!  No running out to the store!

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Our Own Advent Calendar

by Christina, Sam (6), Charlie (4), Dani (3) and Georgia (13 months)

One of my favourite memories as a child, that truly marked the Christmas season, was advent calendars.  In the past couple years I’ve spent my fair share of money on $1.99 specials which I swear have the same graphics as they did in the 80s.  This year I decided to do something different.  My girls and I were going to make our own advent calendar (thank you Pinterest) and fill it with things much better than cardboard tasting chocolate.

Our finished product.  Note my fave the hand/foot print angel (top) and the snow man (right).  My 3 yr old got ahold of the Sharpie and gave the snowman some rocks.

This project had so many appealing benefits; designated quality time, a finished project I could and would actually keep, a way to use up all the bits and pieces of craft

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Handprint wreath: Crafting With Kids

Here is the Christmas Hand wreath!! Made at Bumblebees Strong Start Program, these were super cute and the parents loved them!!   Use green Paint to paint about 12 hand prints of the children. Let them dry… Cut them out… Place them around a pre cut wreath shape and glue them on. Finish it off … Read more Handprint wreath: Crafting With Kids