Our Own Advent Calendar

by Christina, Sam (6), Charlie (4), Dani (3) and Georgia (13 months)

One of my favourite memories as a child, that truly marked the Christmas season, was advent calendars.  In the past couple years I’ve spent my fair share of money on $1.99 specials which I swear have the same graphics as they did in the 80s.  This year I decided to do something different.  My girls and I were going to make our own advent calendar (thank you Pinterest) and fill it with things much better than cardboard tasting chocolate.

Our finished product.  Note my fave the hand/foot print angel (top) and the snow man (right).  My 3 yr old got ahold of the Sharpie and gave the snowman some rocks.

This project had so many appealing benefits; designated quality time, a finished project I could and would actually keep, a way to use up all the bits and pieces of craft

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How to Make a Butterfly Garden

What better way to celebrate spring than by making your very own butterfly garden?!?! The temperature is warmer, theclip_image002 birds are singing their sweet songs and soon we will be seeing appearances from all sorts of animals and insects that have been tucked away for the cold winter months. To celebrate this joyous season we decided to make our own butterfly garden and brighten up our living room. My five and three year old loved putting these together and trying different patterns and colors of paper and adding new decorations to each one. We have started a small butterfly garden but it’s quickly growing! The added bonus is we had all the materials already at home and some we were even able to recycle!

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Salt Watercolour Landscapes


This past weekend we were taking a drive up to Edith Lake and admiring the glistening snow and glorious sunshine when my 3-1/2 year old son says: “Hey mom look at the snow, it looks like glitter.” And so it did! It was gorgeous! It got me thinking how we could make our own glittering snow-scapes so we can enjoy the glistening snow inside as well as outside.

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