An Up-cycled Halloween

Here are some fast and fun Halloween upcycling projects from the Spark Your Imagination household!!

“We’d love to share a few of the Hallowe’en decorations we came up with using things we already had lying around the house (and in the basement, and in the garage, etc.).

Zombie Family Portrait
We took photo of ourselves (with our best crack at a zombie stare) and tinkered with the colour to spook-it-up. We had it printed poster size (Costco: under $10). Then we used a piece of cardboard (front and back) to create a frame. We spray painted the cardboard metallic gold.
Hallowe’en Tree
We had some branches kicking around and gathered them together and stuffed them into our Christmas tree stand. We strung orange lights on it and our boys decorated the branches with a variety of scary bits.

Paper Pumpkins: Crafting with Kids

Lori F shares this pumpkin creation.

This is a fun fall craft for adults and children alike. I hope everyone has a chance to try it out and to dress up your house for fall.

Materials needed:

Space Rockets: Crafting with Kids

What do you do with empty toilet paper rolls?

A. leave them on the holder until the next person comes along
B. throw them in the garbage can or recycle bin
C. make a craft out of them
Of course the answer has to be “C”!
This is a perfect craft for all those little boys out there  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make your toilet paper rolls into space rockets:

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Water Marbled Nails!: Crafting With Kids


My daughter had seen this video on Pinterest with my Mom and wanted to give it a try.  It’s so cool!!

The only thing is that you can’t use cheap nail polish as it doesn’t work.

Here is the basic explanation of how to get really cool water-marbled nails.  You can watch the video (linked above) to get a more thorough explanation.

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Human Croquet: Crafting With Kids

Remember my rainy day activity with our pool noodles?

Well, I now think that pool noodles are the very best anytime creation-inspiration.

Look what we did the other day….

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