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Discovery Toys – Alison Gregory

Christmas is a wonderful time of year – and also a busy time of year. As one of your local Discovery Toys consultants, I want to make it a little easier on you, so I’ve come up with some suggestions for gifts for various age groups, and a great deal as well.

The Rainfall Rattle is a favourite of mine for infants (and up to preschool) – this smaller version of a rain stick makes a soothing sound, with fun bright coloured beads raining down. It’s great for distraction (worked like a charm during immunizations), tummy time or as a musical instrument.

For toddlers, Castle Marbleworks is always a hit! Chiming balls rolling down a colourful track provides hours of play. The track can be changed to allow for play while sitting, or standing – it’s great when little ones are trying to master their balance. The visual tracking that happens while following the ball (or toy car or train…) is an important skill for reading in the coming years.

Flip Flop Faces is a hit with preschoolers! This introduces emotions with a game that also helps with hand eye coordination. There are lots of ways to play the beanbag toss – emotions, colour matching, spelling and more! Even I’ve found it challenging at times!! And I don’t know a single child who hasn’t used the “bowls” as hats, or stepping stones. The game is also available with French Beanbags.
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Check out the 2012 Discovery Toys Catalogue and a Giveaway

Alison Gregory is a local Team Leader with Discovery Toys, bringing you a fabulous giveaway and a review of two great books.

The 2012 Discovery Toys catalogue has just started and with it has come twenty three new and returning toys and ten amazing books for the whole family. Here is a sneak peek at two of my favourite new books!

Have you ever wondered where the food you eat comes from? Have your kids ever asked How Did That Get In My Lunch Box? Well now you can show them how it got there! How Did That Get In My Lunch Box, by Chris Butterworth, walks kids and parents (and would even be a great in classrooms/daycares) through the steps to get some of our favourite foods, and it is also beautifully illustrated. Chocolate chips – yum! Did you know that chocolate chips start as beans from the cocoa tree? I knew this, but my kids were amazed to know how these beans are turned into such a yummy treat.

The book also explores bread, cheese, tomatoes, apple juice, and clementines, as well as the importance of choosing foods from each food group to be healthy and balanced. Packing lunches for school has always been a challenge in our house, whether trying to make sure our son eats everything he is given (and not just the cookies), but making sure a balanced lunch makes it into that growing tummy! After reading this (and we’ve been reading it over and over and over because the boys LOVE it) the boys are asking about what they’re eating, wanting to know where it came from, and what food group it is part of. Definitely a worthwhile read for any growing family!
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Local Gift Guide

I have heard a people state that they want to purchase more locally-produced items this year.  Kamloops has a plethora of uniquely created items that showcase some of the fabulously talented people in Kamloops.  If you are looking for a birthday gift, a special gesture to show appreciation or to commemorate an event, Kamloops has a lot to offer.  Investing in our community is a step in the right direction!  Here is a selection of gifts that are Kamloops’ own!

There is a growing community of local Moms in business, here in Kamloops! 

KamloopsMompreneurs.Ca shares a number of these terrific local businesses; connecting these entrepreneurs and showcasing them within Kamloops.  The site boasts some incredible women that are working hard to develop our community and support their families.


Locally Made

Spark Your Imagination Games to fuel imaginations and help build creative kids and connected families.  Tamara Vukusic & Erin Brule (info@SparkYourImagination.ca)

SpinLex Creations Crafts for kids and vinyl record coasters made from old 78’s 33’s etc.  Elexis Walker (elexis_walker@hotmail.com)

Bitsy Boutique  Hand knit baby items and photography props.  Amanda Hill (amanda_r_hill@hotmail.com)

Little Block Company  Personalized handmade blocks made just for you.  Sue Lissel (suelissel@gmail.com)

Pure Cuisine  Raw food restaurant and un-cooking school.  Julie Bayman (mypurecuisine@yahoo.ca)

The Monkey Tree  Sock Monkeys handmade and personalized.  Marie LeBlond (marie_leblond1@hotmail.com)

Angela’s Flowers N Things  Handmade Kanzashi and Silk Flower Accessories.  Angela Dunn (angelasflowers@hotmail.ca)

Sugar Shack Gourmet Hot Chocolate Sugar Shack offers four flavours of locally made hot chocolate mixes.  Amanda Bartel (bartelpartyof5@gmail.com)

Theresa Leigh Photography  Fine art photography and photography on canvas.  Theresa Tahara (theresaLeighPhotography@shaw.ca)

Little Ladybugz  Headbands, hair clips and crocheted hats.  Lisa Kronebusch (lisakronebusch@hotmail.com)

Loops in Loops  High quality crocheted items for the whole family.  From hats and slippers, coffee cozies and produce bags, mittens and wash cloths, booties and totes and more!  Merissa Prior (loopsinloops@shaw.ca)

Michelle Finlayson Pottery  Local handmade pottery.  Michelle Finlayson (michfin@telus.net)

Plush Off – Cute whimsical plush for all ages.  Jacki Gallagher (jacki@plushoff.com)
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Toy Talk: Zingo

Toy: Zingo

Appropriate Age: 2 – Adult

Where to find it: Discovery Toys (www.discoverytoyslink.com/aligregory)

Approximate Cost: $23.00 + HST/Shipping (psst… Zingo is on sale for $18.40 until this Sunday)

A Tale of Zingo: Zingo is a family favourite – it’s a bingo game with a twist. I have two boys, ages 2 & 4, and we love this game because our whole family can play, or the boys can play on their own. Everyone loves getting to take turns dispensing the tiles, and then putting the tiles back in the dispenser. Our two year old has fun matching the pictures on the tiles to both his card, and to ours. Our four year old reads out the letters, and spells the words on the tiles before matching them to his cards. And because the second side of the cards has tiles that don’t show up as often, it evens out the playing field when playing across different age groups. Zingo comes with eight double-sided cards, so it’s easy to add more players if you’re playing in a group setting like a classroom. Every family, every daycare centre, every preschool needs Zingo!

Ahoy Pirate Pete

Ahoy Pirate Pete is a fantastic and entertaining book.
Aimed at the preschooler aged 3-5, the story comes complete with press-out pieces that fit into the pages so your young pirate can make up the action as you go along.

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