Holiday Game Gift Guide



Board games are the best gifts at Christmas because no matter who gets them, EVERYONE GETS TO ENJOY THEM!

In a season where families come together, there is nothing better than sitting around the table with family and friends enjoying good conversation, some snacks, and lots of laughter while playing games.

Below is a list of games that would look good under the tree or in a stocking this coming Christmas.

The game selections are followed by potential locations where you may acquire a copy.  These locations are: Locally –  Toys R Us (TrU), All A-Board Games (AAG), High Octane Comics (HOC), Chapters (Ch) and Tumbleweed Toys (TT).  Online – (Am), (SC), and ( and (GG).

Children’s Games

Sleeping Queens – Gamewright Games (TT, Am)

Designed by a 6 year old girl, this card game is quick and fun.  The player to wake up the mostQueenswins.  Each Queen has her own special powers.

Rattlesnake – Fantasy Flight Games (AAG,SC, GG)

Roll a dice and place a rattlesnake egg on the board.  The eggs are powerful magnets that attract each other.  Make sure you don’t attract any other eggs!!!  The winner is the player who places all their eggs on the board first.  An excellent dexterity game for children 6 and up.

Spot It! – BlueOrange Games (TT, Ch, SC,, Am)

A great recognition game!  Every card has one shape that is identical.  Will you be able to see your match first?  Lots of fun for all the family with several rule variants to give different twists to each game.

Loopin’ Louie – TCG (TrU)

If there is one children’s game you get this Christmas then THIS IS THE GAME!  Trust me when I see your kids will play this non-stop and then after they are in bed it is the adults’ turn!

 Family Games

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Board Games: Family Fun for Everyone

I watch too much TV!!  There is no doubt about it.  But one thing that will always get me to turn the television off is the chance of playing a board game with friends and family.  Board games bring the family together.  They create a positive environment for conversation, learning (yes, your kids will learn and they won’t even realize it!) and most importantly FUN!

Board games have seen a recent increase in popularity due partly to marketing – think the Hasbro Game Night campaign – but more so due to the increased availability of designer games.

What are designer games you may ask.  Well, they are board games or card games that give recognition to the designer.  Much like a book has an author more and more games have the designer’s name on the box.  Creativity is being recognized.  These games originated in Europe but are now being published in North America.  The popularity of these ‘Euro’ games has grown so much that now many of these new designer games are being designed and published in North America.

These new games open up new worlds of discovery.  A family can gather around a table and build railway routes across North America (or just about any other part of the world), become explorers, discover new lands, build settlements, become an archaeologist racing through a temple full of dangers, colonize Mars, try to save rats from a sinking ship, race NASCAR or Formula 1 cars and even become bean farmers.  The themes are endless!

Games are no longer about rolling dice and moving with no end of the game in sight.  They are so much more!  Many of these ‘new’ games require planning ahead, strategic thinking, cooperation, and collaboration while having a set time limit!  Your kids will have to think and it won’t even hurt!

Over the coming months, I will be introducing new games that are ideal for family game play.  I hope these games will inspire you to sit down with your family, open a box and explore the adventures within.

Clive Lovett is a husband, father, board game hobbyist, an organizer of BIGCON (Kamloops Games Convention), and facilitator of Family Games Nights that are have been held in Elementary Schools in the Kamloops area.  He has a collection of nearly 300 board and card games that he is willing to play at any given opportunity.  For more information contact Clive at

Our first game… Kids of Carcassonne

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Christmas Traditions: KP Been There Done That Squad

A team of over twenty-five parents who have all sorts of parenting experiences. From the Mom of thirteen with one on the way, to the first-time Dad of one. From the experienced parent, to the rookie! If you want the truth…. we are all rookies. Each day presents something new, somewhere we have not already been, something that we have not already done. So, why not look to someone who has?!
The KP BTDT Squad will be sharing their experiences and answering two questions per month. Each parent will answer the questions if they can and their answers will be compiled into a feature post to share with readers. These will be general questions that many parents will wonder about as they raise their children. The BTDT Squad will be talking about subjects like potty training, how they dealt with picky eaters, their most favourite family adventures, and how they managed to ever sleep through the night!

KP Been There Done That

KP Been There Done That Squad – treating a cold and rainy day entertainment

KP Been There Done That Squad – temper tantrum talk

KP Been There Done That – discipline discussion

KP Been There Done That – chore chat

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, simply contact

Today’s topic is Christmas Traditions

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Spark Your Imagination DRAW!
Toy Talk

Spark Your Imagination is not new to KamloopsParents.Com.  We have used and enjoyed the Spark Story Starters in restaurants and waiting rooms, in the vehicle and on the ferry, in hotel rooms and at the park, while out walking and in the classroom!  They never fail to spark the conversation.  My kids always remember the funny stories we got going.

The fabulous pair of Tamara and Erin at Spark have been hard at work designing new games and keeping families talking!  One of the latest to hit stores is the Story Starters DRAW.

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Toy Talk

Davison Orchards: A Harvest Like No Other

We stumbled upon Davison Orchards, last Thanksgiving.  We had five kids in tow requiring entertainment between a wedding and a reception.  Pumpkins?  Pie?   Apples with Caramel Sauce?  The Crazy Cow Kids Coral?  We were sold.

Once we arrived, we were entrenched in Thanksgiving for the incredible harvest stretched before our eyes.  We wandered through the “village”, past the bakery and all the lovely displays.  There were bin after bin of seasonal veggies and fruit, cascading with a rainbow of colours!  It was wonderful!

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