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Winter Outings: Been There Done That

The Been There Done That Squad recently answered their favourite winter outings.  There are lots of good ideas in here!!


Well I’d like to say that going sledding is the favourite activity and it probably is, except for the fact that no matter how many layers I put on, I am always freezing.  But the kids have a blast and the smiles on their faces and the deep laughter  you can hear as they zoom down the hill is worth it so I will take one for the team! Too bad there’s not much for snow this year!


Our favorite winter activity these days is at Paul Lake Provincial Park!  We park at the top gate, and bring our sled (usually snow up there!) and our little guy sleds down to the lake.  We like to have a picnic down at the lake. He is pretty good about hiking back up, with a little bit of pulling on the sled from Dad.


This year we took the boys to Harper Mountain for some tubing, and it was a hit with K! He is now old enough that he can do the whole “loop” himself. We all went together a few times, with someone helping R, but K was really independent and loved it. He has been asking when we can go back. Another winter outing that I want to get back to is cross-country skiing. We haven’t been yet with the boys, but I started when I was only 4, so I figure now would be a great time to start them. And financially, it’s so much cheaper than downhill! With Stake Lake so close, and nearby schools we can venture to, it’s an easy outing – of course, some snow would help!!
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