Money Talks (Allowances): KP Been There Done That Squad

The KP Been There Done That Squad is a group of parents sharing their thoughts and experiences on a few topics related to raising their children in Kamloops.

Today’s question is:

Do your kids get an allowance?  Will they?  What is your family’s perspective on kids and spending money?

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We talk about money a lot.  Our kids look at prices in the grocery store and we talk about saving and spending etc.   They each have a piggy bank and they often seem to find coins and stash them away.  Our kids do not get an allowance but we do sometimes ask them to do jobs that are outside our regular routine and then offer them an opportunity to earn some money.  For example, we were seeding our back lawn and I asked them to pick out rocks.  A full bucket earned them $4.

A friend of mine recently passed on this link to me,  I popped on over to take a look and was really impressed by the site.

Life lessons and sage advice to teach our kids (and remind me) about money!  What an awesome resource.  If you are wondering about how to teach your children the value of money, and your values about money, check out this site for some really neat ideas and practical examples of ways you can teach your kids about their finances.

Sarah K

Our kids do not get allowance yet.  It is something we have been starting to discuss though.  We will be using  It allows you to input your child’s allowance and show them/teach them that part of the money SHOULD get saved, part of it is for fun and part of it goes to charity or Church.

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Creation Collection?: KP Been There Done That Squad

The KP Been There Done That Squad is a group of parents sharing their thoughts and experiences on a few topics related to raising their children in Kamloops.

Today’s question is:

How do you keep your child’s school work, crafts and creations?  What do you do with all the letters, work, documents and things that come home?

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My girls have a “keepsake box” that stores their most treasured items, such as awards and amazing art projects. For everything else, we got in the habit from the beginning of taking a picture of the item and saving them in appropriate folders on the computer (saved by child’s name and date). Then we will put the art/craft items on display for a month or so in our house before throwing them out. Every once in a while, I will do a digital scrapbook page with the pictures of their latest and best projects.

Tamara C
I usually take pictures of artwork/crafts/creations that the kids do and then recycle/throw out the original.  If it is something really special, then I will keep it.

Amanda H
Right now only my oldest is in preschool but I have a large cardboard folder (24X36″) made with 2 pieces of cardboard.  We do a lot of painting and crafts at home as well so I try to save my favorites.  I also try to take photos of projects that are fun and creative but harder to store, so we can look back on them.

KP Been There Done That Squad:
Best Local Restaurants

The KP Been There Done That Squad weighs in on raising kids in Kamloops. 

Families are often trying to find a great place to eat out!  So, we consulted our team of 30+ parents to see where they eat out with their kids.

Here’s what they came up with!

What is your favourite Kamloops family restaurant?

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Best Local Restaurants

Cooking in a Campsite: KP Been There Done That Squad

Summer is here and it is soon to be camping season!!  I went to the Been There Done That Squad to see what they eat while they are out adventuring…
Does your family camp?  Are you trailer or tent campers?  What do you eat?


We love camping!  We camp in a tent (in Provincial Parks) with our three kids and try to get out at least once every summer.  We have even camped with our eldest at six weeks old, for a whole week!  We just make sure to pack LOTS of clothes and make sure that we have good sleeping gear (still working on that…).  We like to cook in the campsite on our camp stove setup and occasionally over the fire (as long as they aren’t banned).  Once, we even tried making sushi in Tofino!  It was a big hit!  Our staples: rice, grilled chicken, stir fry, steak, shrimp, potatoes, spaghetti, quesadillas, buns, cereal, oatmeal, and soup.

We camp a bit but always with someone who has a trailer in case the weather is bad!  We sleep in a tent but if it is bad weather then we head to the trailer!  We eat pretty easy food, cereal for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch and usually hamburgers or hotdogs for dinner.  It depends on who we camp with because my parents have an awesome trailer so then we can cook a bit better and put things in the oven etc.

We love camping although we haven’t done a lot the last few years with small kids.  Our youngest is now 3 and we just did a weekend trip which was enjoyed by all even in bad weather so we will be getting out a lot more again. We have always and are tenting for now.  It would be nice to have a trailer though, mostly to make it easier to be ready to go on a regular basis.

We love to camp and we are tenters , or at least we were before kids.  We have a large family tent but have yet to venture out in it.  This summer is our first chance and everyone is so excited about it. I think we might try a backyard camping experience before we attempt real camping.

As for meals, we have done lots of day trips and we love to cook over the fire, mostly hotdogs. As I said we camped lots before kids and have always enjoyed campfire cooking – doesn’t everything taste better over a fire?

Jennifer H
We used to be “trailer campers” when we had only one child… but when the second came along, we sold the trailer as it was too small for the four of us (plus the 80-pound dog!)  So, we don’t camp right now!  But when we did, we loved to prepare spaghetti sauce and bring it with us.  Also, any meat that can be easily barbecued – smokies (of course), pork chops and chicken.  Also, if you take a can of brown beans and empty it into tinfoil and wrap it up and put it on the BBQ/into the fire, it’s delicious!  And who could forget s’mores… made with real Hershey’s chocolate of course 🙂

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Never Say Never: KP Been There Done That Squad

We’ve all been there, I’m sure.

When I am a parent, I will never _fill in the blank_!

And I guarantee that you have been wrong.  At least some of the time…

Here’s where  the KP Been There Done That Squad has been wrong, too.

Jes, I said I would never drive a mini van, as a parent, but I was wrong.

Elizabeth, I said I would never “shush” my kids because their sibling was sleeping.  Baahahahahaha!!!!  I also said I wouldn’t have my children in my bed…  I’m pretty sure that there is maybe one morning a month when we don’t wake without at least one of our kids (6, 4 and 2) somewhere in there…

Melissa, I said I would never say “because I said so”, as a parent, but I was wrong. My mom always used that phrase with me when I was little and was challenging her with questions, sure enough my four year old daughter is just as inquisitive as I was at that age and in moments of complete exhaustion I have used that phrase, much to the amusement of my Mother!

Francy, I said I would never let my toddler watch tv, but he does!

Danica, I said I would never push aside their questions or say ‘because I said so’ if they asked for a reason. I don’t do these things often, but must confess that I do give in, especially in moments of frustration.

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