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Pom Pom Frenzy: Crafting With Kids

I came across this adorable craft project while snooping around on the site:  howdoesshe.com.  It is a fabulous site for crafting ideas, kid related topics, decorating, recipes and anything mom related.   I have started to make a few of these pom, poms for the various up-coming holidays.  For Halloween I thought about spray painting them orange and putting faces on them and then make a few and spray paint them red and green for Christmas.  My daughter had the idea of spray painting them part red, part green and leaving some of it white for Christmas.  I want to try sprinkling them with glitter in order to make them appear like a snowflake.  There are so many options with this quick and easy craft that I am still trying to decide what direction to take or maybe try them all.  Other ideas include making them as room decorations and hang them from the ceiling or use them for a birthday party, bbq, or any themed party gathering – Mardi Gras, Cinco Day Mayo – the options are endless and make great decorations for kid parties as well as adult parties.
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