Cultural Lessons Through Music

Many parents would agree that the car is a great place to communicate with your kids. Their cornered, corralled or otherwise contained in a box with some pretty forced sensory perceptions.
I assault my children daily with a dose of the CBC on our morning commute. Listening to the CBC has inspired some fabulous conversations in our car not to mention expanded our musical perspectives.

Last week a sitar player was on the radio. Which spurred a conversation about India, nan, yoghurt, religions and pretty clothing. My kids seem to contemplate some pretty deep topics because of those conversations and their eyes are opened a little bit wider to the world around them.

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Site Re-launch March 1st

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth and I get excited really easily. Well, maybe not really easily, but… okay, who am I kidding?  So excited!! That’s me, laying in the snow and making a snow angel.  I’ve got my youngest one wrapped on my chest and I’m outside playing with my husband and my two big kids.  I … Read more Site Re-launch March 1st