Packing Lunches – Been There Done That

This month, our BTDT Squad answers the following question:

What do you prepare for lunch for the kids?

***Think picky-eaters, slow eaters, what are some quick and easy ideas for school lunches? Do you prepare everything the night before, or the morning of?

Suvannah (Mom of 2 girls ages 5 and 2)

Maybe I have it easier for lunches since I am homeschooling. We have adapted the whole snack bin idea (from pinterest, Im sure you’ve seen it.) But the basic idea is to pre-make snacks/lunches ahead of time so its easy to grab. Ours includes pre-made baggies of, carrot sticks (or other veggie), cheese, meat (sliced turkey, or sausages), sliced peaches or apples, berries or grapes, crackers, or pop corn, and yogurt. (I *try* to buy low sodium and low sugar items) We switch out the snacks weekly for variety, and we allow the kids to pick their own lunches from the bin so they have some control of what they are eating. I try to ask the kids to grab something from each food group. An easy and fun way to ensure they are picking a good variety is to ask them to pick as many different coloured items as possible. Since we are home and have the option to have hot lunches, we often have soups or left overs from the night before for a quick easy lunch. Another fun thing for us since we are homeschooling is to have the kids pick something from our garden to snack on during the day. Its fresh, healthy, and fun since they get to harvest their own food!

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